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Expertise in software and services for Bioinformatics

Extensive experience

Scylla Bioinformatics started in May 2002, founded by five bioinformaticians from the Xylella fastidiosa genome project, the first complete sequencing of a plant pathogen.

Highly qualified team

Our team is composed by people with academic degrees, MSc, and PhD. We have a culture of ever-improving qualification. A high-level network of specialists complements our knowledge capabilities.


We offer a variety of services related to Bioinfomatics (see below). Moreover, we are always keen to perform new kinds of analyses and services, offering customized solutions to our clients.

Up to date

We keep an eye on the latest software and technologies used in Bioinformatics, while being careful to choose only well-established and reliable tools to perform our services.

Some of our services

Genome assembly
Genome assembly with or without references, quality measurements or NCBI submission.
Genome annotation, gene identification, dubious ORFs. Functional annotation.
Transcriptome assembly, gene identification and analysis.
Identification of metabolic pathways from transcript sequences.
Differential expression
Identification of differentially expressed genes in samples or sample groups of certain individuals. Microarray-like signal processing. Processing of transcript sequences with or without reference.
Identification of microorganisms present in environmental and other samples.
Exome analysis of human patients, identifying genetic variations associated with diseases and other conditions.
Genome-wide association studies have been largely used to identify genes that may contribute to complex conditions, such as diabetes and Parkinson disease.
Design of protocols for solving bioinformatic challenges, based on the client's goals and available resources.

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